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About us

Having an extensive database of consumers who follow our activities and who share the values and principles on which we are based upon, the Madein.md project decided to develop shop.md, an online shop that offers unique products containing images, inscriptions and symbols that also promote domestic goods and Moldovan manufacturers.

Our mission

By creating this store, we set the goal to make the Madein.md brand (Made in Moldova) more famous. We offer consumers high quality goods and hope that they will objectively evaluate the works and products of local artisans and the wealth of our homeland.

Store.madein.md will sell clothes, souvenirs, accessories, household goods and much more, all made in Moldova.

Our products

All the products found in shop.md are made by local companies. We try to focus on the development of unique and attractive products, of high quality, to once again emphasize the fact that our country can offer quality and beauty at all levels. We also intend to establish partnerships with small manufacturers and craftsmen who have original ideas, but lack the opportunity to pack and sell their goods.

By making a purchase in shop.md, you will actively participate in the promotion of Moldovan producers, thus causing a chain reaction that consequently will undoubtedly bring positive outcomes for the development of local economy.

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