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Methods of Payment

Payment via Visa / MasterCard

Payment using a bank card is one of the fastest ways to pay for the products, because the client can do it right from his computer or from his phone
In the payment form, the client must fill in the following fields using the information from the card:
- card number;
- validity (month, year),
- cardholder's name;
- postal code;
- city;
- payment address;
- CVC.

Payment via PayPal

The safest way to pay online is PayPal, a very popular online payment service used all over the world. To make an account, the client enters card data once, they are recorded and securely protected on the PayPal server.

When a customer decides to pay for an order or delivery, he will be redirected to the PayPal site, where he logs in and clicks the “Pay Now” button. The required amount will be deducted from the card.

Note: PayPal payment system works only with US dollars; therefore, due to currency conversion, the prices of some products may differ depending on the daily rate.
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