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1. Introduction

As owner of the online store shop.madein.md, Madeinmd LLC company gurantees to keep confidential information provided by the user when filling out the Electronic Forms. In the process of using the online store shop.md, the client accepts unconditionally the established privacy policies and we reserve the right to update it at any time without prior notice. The changes apply from the date of their publication on the site.

2. Personal Data

Personal data is any information related to physical or juridical persons and which directly or indirectly identifies them. Any information provided by the user will mean a clear expression of its consent that data will be used by us in accordance with the purposes listed below. Online store shop.md uses personal information to:

  1. Validate the placed orders;
  2. Make bills for the ordered goods or services;
  3. Ensure the delivery of the ordered goods and services
  4. complete the certificates of guarantee.

If necessary, these data will be used for communication with the customer via telephone calls, emails, text messages (SMS), email, and other conventional communication means.

3. Non Personal Data

The data provided to us by the user but do not have the personal character refers to his preferences, interests and hobbies and are used to create and offer products consistent with his taste and preferences. Some data is automatically accepted, but they are not related directly or indirectly to the person, being anonymously statistical data.

4. Cookies

Cookies consist of a specific text, often encoded, sent to the client browser by a web server and are stored on your computer. They do not allow direct or indirect identification of a person. But they can be useful in some cases, allowing the customer to take advantage of the shopping cart, especially designed and implemented with the use of cookies, without having to re-enter the username and password.

5. The Security of Personal Data

Online store shop.madein.md uses the methods of internal and external security, as well as rules for its staff in order to protect the data provided that may or may not directly or indirectly identify the client.

The collection, recording, organization, modification, storage, clarification, exclusion, consultation, provision of access, use, transfer, distribution, blocking or destruction of personal data takes place in strict accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, especially of the law number 17 from 15.02.2007 on the protection of personal data.

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