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Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

In order to use the advantages of shop.md, the client must comply with the general terms of use, as well as current legislation. While using and navigating through this site, the customer implicitly and unconditionally accepts these conditions. We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time without prior notification. The changes apply from the date when they were published on the website.

2. Copyright and other Related Rights

The content of this site is protected by the Moldovan legislation in general and by the law number 139 from 02.07.2010 on copyright and related rights, in particular. The content of a site refers to any material published on the website or part of it, including text, images, graphics, symbols, elements of web graphics, scripts, software and other data. This website is the property of Madein.md, with the exception of the materials submitted by third parties.

3. Access to Website

We guarantee our customers limited access to shop.madein.md website. No one has the right to partially or fully reproduce the content of the website, to sell or use it in any other way for commercial or other purposes without a prior consent and without taking into account the interests of Madein.md.

4. Products description

The products available on the website are presented to the client exactly as they are presented by the manufacturer and are available in stock. However shop.madein.md cannot guarantee the availability of all products at any time. At the time of validation of the order, the customer is informed if a particular product is in stock. The images are displayed on the site as an example and the characteristics of the products are identical to those we provided by the manufacturer. When placing them in our database they correspond to originals. Shop.md is not responsible for any omissions or changes. We reserve the right to remove, edit or add new data without prior notice. In addition, in order to save space and to maintain the consistency of page structure, the products descriptions may be incomplete, but shop.md will do its best to provide customers with the most accurate information.

5. Prices

The prices of products are in lei, excluding shipping (delivery) costs. The purchase price specified in the account will be identical to the one shown on the website at the time of purchase and confirmed by us during the order check.

6. Delivery

The delivery is considered successfully completed when the customer receives the products from courier or company agent and signs to confirm he received them. The agent is not authorized by us to allow the opening of packages before signing of the delivery confirmation, but only after the signing and payment for goods. We are not responsible for the contents of packages, if a signature to confirm the delivery was not applied. The products must be collected at Madein.md office: Chisinau, Alecu Russo str. 15, of. 58.

7. Payment

Clients can pay for the purchased products via PayPal or directly via Visa/ MasterCard.

8. Liability

shop.md cannot be held liable for damages of any kind, which the customer or a third party may suffer as a result of the execution by us of any obligations under the order, as well as damages that may result from use of the products after delivery, especially in case of their loss.

9. Disputes and Final Provisions

Any other question that arises at the time of purchase, payment or delivery of the order by shop.md and which is not governed by any article of this document will be resolved peacefully, within thirty days from the date of issue. If the dispute cannot be settled, it will be decided in court. The use of this site constitutes one’s acceptance of its terms.

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